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At the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), it’s our job to make sure Northern Kentucky’s infrastructure meets the needs of our growing population and the many companies located here.


Every project we do is about improving safety, supporting job creation and providing better access to those who travel through our area.

Addressing the I-75/I-275 interchange is a priority.

We have seen the problems, heard the concerns of the community and we are committed to making improvements. Through the I-75/I-275 Interchange Scoping Study, we are working to identify and evaluate options to reduce congestion, improve travel safety and promote better connectivity in the interchange area and near vicinity. We anticipate that improvements may be phased in, though specific timing will not be known until construction funding has been secured.

Information about our progress will be posted on this website as it becomes available. Be sure to visit often to learn what’s new and to participate in the process. We look forward to hearing from you.

The I-71/75 and I-275 interchange is critically important to flow of traffic throughout Northern Kentucky and the tri-state region.

The interchange serves thousands of residents, businesses and other commercial enterprises, and connects I-275 (which forms a by-pass around Greater Cincinnati) with two major interstate highways: I-75 and I-71. Currently, the interchange carries more than twice the amount of vehicles per day than it was originally designed to manage, and traffic levels are expected to continue increasing as Northern Kentucky grows. This escalating traffic, coupled with challenging merges and highway entrance and exit patterns, has resulted in growing congestion and delays in the interchange area. Recent studies have confirmed what those who travel through the area already know: additional capacity and roadway improvements are needed.

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