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KYTC’s Project Development Process

KTYC’s project development process consists of five phases:
  • Planning 
  • Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Evaluation 
  • Design
  • Right-of-Way & Utility Coordination
  • Construction
The I-75/I-275 Interchange project is currently in the Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Evaluation phase of this process.


This phase focuses on developing and evaluating possible alternatives for addressing the purpose and need for the project. Preliminary engineering is completed to better understand how proposed alternatives would need to be configured and how well they are likely to perform. Studies are also completed to determine the potential environmental, social, and economic impacts of each alternative. Alternatives that show the most promise in terms of benefit, cost, and constructability will be shared with the public for review, input, and possible refinement before a "preferred alternative" is selected and a decision is made to advance it for further development. 

Public input is an important part of the project development process. The public plays a critical role in providing feedback at key phases of development that helps inform decision-making from planning through construction. Visit our Public Input page to learn more about how you can share your thoughts on the interchange project.


It’s our job to make sure our transportation infrastructure meets the needs of our residents, our businesses and the people who travel through our beautiful state.


Why We Do It.
KYTC Project Development Process Timeline Planning Construction Design
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